Saturday, March 29, 2008

Prom in December

Our friends Hudson and Amanda Denney throw the biggest Christmas party every year. It always has a theme and you have 2 weeks to plan your outfit. In the past there has been an oyster roast, cocktail party, white trash Christmas and a Camo Christmas just to name a few. This year for the 10th annual--80s Prom! So ...I borrowed my sister's prom dress that literally cost more than my wedding dress and hit the town!

Sooo ...October 2007

We spent a weekend at Bluffs Lodge on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a weekend at the beach and a weekend with the Dilocker's watching the Vols kick some Dawg tail!

A Football December

We started December with the shocking trip to see the Vols play in the SEC Championship where we spent the first 3 quarters making plans to visit New Orleans. I say shocking because--who would have thought it was possible to even be there this year? Or should I call it shocking because of the Ainge interceptions?

And we rounded out the month watching the Demon Deacons in the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte. Pretty convenient playing in Charlotte--much closer than their previous choice of Miami. Besides, it is always nice to see a team lay a whoopin' on UCONN.

Still waiting on that trip to the Sugar Bowl ...

May the Force Be With You

So ...the entire family decided to dress up for Halloween this year. Actually, Madison wanted to be Princess Leia and Brennan wanted to be Luke Skywalker.

David decided to be Darth Vader
so then I had to dress up too. I was Natalie Portman's character -- don't know her name.

Camping in the Smokies and Birdie comes home

So the discussion about what to do for Spring Break came up early this year. What to do? Where to go?

We talked about skiing in Colorado, Utah or Montana. We talked about going to Big Sky and Yellowstone (closed in late March for plowing). We talked about going to the beach, New York or the Caribbean. Friends were going to places as unexotic as Litchifield Beach and as exotic as France. The pressure was on.

After hours of research and multiple trips to the AAA office for tourbooks ...we jokingly suggested going camping. The joke grew legs and after lots of talk we decided to rent an RV and go to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Plans were to first camp in Cades Cove, then maybe move to Elkmont and finally finish the week in town and take the kids to Dollywood.

We grew excited talking about black bears, hiking, roasting marshmallows and seeing the butterflies at Dollywood. I was excited about cooking in a dutch oven over the fire. Did you know you can cook anything that you can cook in an oven over some coals?!?!?

Plans changed pretty quickly when we found out that for the first three nights of our trip it was going to be below freezing with snow predicted on Monday.

A campaign to eliminate my status as the worst blogger ever ...

Wow, it is really embarrassing to see the date of my last post!

My goodness ...where have the last six months gone?

I blame this on the enormous capacity of the memory card in my digital camera. It is so huge that I never have to upload pictures to the computer. As a matter of fact, there are still pictures on there from when we got Birdie. Sad, I know.

I do think about updating my blog ...really, I do. It just doesn't happen--only in my head. If only I could blog telepathically. But I can't, so I have to sit and type--which I will try and do this week.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A goal, an assist, the world's longest tennis match and some big wins!

Well, the Koontz household has been super busy the past few days. Not any busier than other times but it seems that most everything has been centered on sports. Strange.

Saturday morning Madison and Brennan had a soccer jamboree at the YMCA. The morning started with the Red Lobsters running down the hill and bursting through their team banner. Brennan said that since he was number 4 and they are playing on field 4 that it was his job to tear the banner up first. He thought that running through the banner was fantastic!

Following the banner running we had another soccer game. David told the kids if they scored a goal then they would have a banana split. So midway through the game Madison passed the ball to Brennan and he kicked it into the goal! An assist and a goal all wrapped up in one! So Saturday evening we headed to the ice cream shop for a banana split after some football watching.

Speaking of football watching ...hope you all caught the Wake Forest vs. Maryland game on Saturday. If you missed it, don't have ESPNU or simply turned it off at halftime since it looked so bad--buddy you missed some good ball. Wake was down 24-3 at halftime and were seriously getting creamed. I went to go pick up some BBQ and just get out of the house and away from the terrible ballgame (while worrying that maybe the Vols would lose to Arkansas State--EEK!). When I came home David had paused the TiVo. He said "Okay so we are getting our butts kicked but you have to see this." Maryland was lined up on the 3, the QB passed the ball to score what was certain to be the final nail in Wake's coffin. Instead Alphonso Smith intercepts the ball on the goal line and runs it back 100 yards for a touchdown. It was totally the Game Changing Performance of the week. Wake came back and with 3 seconds left tied up the game and sent it into overtime. Wake has never won an overtime game, ever. They even lost the toss and had to take the first posession. This was bad, bad, bad. Well, holy cow, the Deacs scored a TD! And then the defense not only stopped MD but sacked the QB more than once. Wake wins 31-24!!!

Can't do much of a recap of the UT game since it wasn't on television but the most dramatic thing of that ballgame is that the VOLS won! Hallelluia!!!

Monday I had a tennis match. I just started playing tennis 18 months ago. I never played as a kid and you all know that I have no athletic skills. In the spring we formed a 2.5 team at the country club. I played about 5 doubles matches in the spring and I never won a match which was fine since I don't know what in the world I am doing. On Monday I played my first doubles match of the fall season with my friend Carey. It was about 98 degrees outside and we were playing at our competitors courts which were all hard courts--not fun. Anyway, our match lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes and I went through about 4 bottles of Gatorade. But, we won--finally! 2-6, 7-6 and 6-4. Yep, we even had to do a tiebreaker. When I picked up Brennan, I told him we won and he cheered and said "now we get to have bannana splits again!"

Tuesday night, the kids had another soccer game and Brennan scored another goal. After the game we went to get pizza and ice cream to celebrate!